American Football and Wishing for an Error.

I was born and raised in Texas. Football is in my blood. But I love calling football, ‘American football’. Correction, I love needing to call football ‘American football’.

On my ship, I am one of 24 Americans . . . out of over 1400 crew members. I’m in the minority. I’m one of 24 people who know ‘American football’, as football.  It’s less confusing for me to say ‘American football’. And I am ok with that. I love being friends with so many people from different countries that it’s easier for me to change some of my wording of things to make the conversation go smoothly.

It’s actually been pointed out to me a couple times over the past few years that my lingo has changed slightly. And I guess it has. I feel it’s become a little more international; which makes since given where I currently live and work. Soccer, is football. College, is university. Line, is que. To name a couple examples.

I’ve been a part of the theatre business for almost 10 years now. I don’t say the name of the Scottish play. I won’t whistle in a theatre. I don’t wish actors ‘Good luck’. I say a little prayer before a show and only think the good things. I don’t know if I believe all these little things help, but I know I don’t want to test it.

That’s why it is extremely hard for me to want something to go wrong. To wish for an error.

As an automation technician, I run two different automation systems during the production shows onboard. I am responsible for fixing it if something happens to keep the show running. Well, one of my systems has been acting up lately and we are trying to diagnose why. It’s been a game of try this, now this, now this, what about this.

I got an email from my bosses shoreside yesterday telling me the latest move in the game. I’m not going to get into all the bored ‘tech speak’ but the point is that the email ended with ‘now just recreate the error and export the graph of the fault’ . . . Yeah, let me just get on that right now.

Recreate the error??

Do you know understand the words that you are telling me to do? Ok, sure, I’ll just make one of my operating systems malfunction on cue. No prob. Lemme get right on that. How about instead, the next time it happens during a show, I’m gonna call for a show stop, export the graph, and then let’s just keep going. Terrifying thought, but that actually sounds easier.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be at the control desk running cues and wanting an error . . . But crossing my fingers too.  Just to be safe 🙂


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